School of Saint John Bosco Main Building in Calumpang, Liliw, Laguna, Philippines

School of Saint John Bosco

An Educational Institution committed to the education of the whole person in the Spirit and Style of Saint John Bosco. We Teach, You Learn. Our Goal is to educate the young in the appreciation, preservation and enrichment of our nation’s culture and heritage in the spirit of stewardship, thus, contributing to the building of a just humane society.

A Catholic School that guides the young to discover for themselves the deep joy of friendship with Christ and the motherly guidance of Mary, making them persons capable of right judgment, free choice and service to others.

A responsible social organization determined to defend human life, protect the environment, and preserve the Filipino cultural heritage . Through joyful service, we work for Peace, Justice and Solidarity.

Together, we form the Bosconians to BE SERVANT LEADERS.

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