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Buwan ng Wika 2017 – “Filipino: Wikang Mapagbago”.

Filipino: Wikang Mapagbago”. Ang nasabing tema ng Buwan ng Wika ay nagsilbing ugat ng programa upang gisingin ang kamalayan ng mga musmos na kaisipan ang kahalagahan n gating wika sa pang-araw-araw na pakikisalamuha sa lipunan.

Setyembre 1, 2017, ang School of Saint John Bosco ay nagdiwang ng Buwan ng Wika na may temang “Filipino: Wikang Mapagbago”. Nagsimula ang programa sa ganap na ika-walo ng umaga (8 a.m.). Sina Bb. Carryl Rubio at G. Kurl Violanta ang mga Guro ng Palatuntunan. Ang bawat baiting ay may inihandang presentasyon.

Kitang-kita sa mata ng mga magulang ang pagkatuwa na makita nilang nasa entablado ang kanilang mga anak. Bilang paghahanda sa presentasyon, pinamunuan ni G. Violanta ang isang panalangin at sinundan ng Pambansang Awit.

Bilang unang pagbati, nagsalita si Bb. Dory Articona, ang administrador ng paaralan. Ang unang nagpakita ng kanilang talent ay ang Unang Baitang sa pamumuno ni Gng. Formeloza.

Ang mga mag-aaral ay sumayaw ng Paru-Parong Bukid. Para naman sa Ikalawang Baitang sa pamumuno ni Bb. Montesines, ipinakita nila ang kanilang presentasyon sa pamamagitan ng pag-sayaw nang Mamang Sorbetero. Sa Ikatlong Bilang, ipinamalas naman nila ang kanilang kahusayan sa pagtula ng Acrostic, sa pamumuno ni G. Violanta.

Sinundan ng Ika-apat na Baitang, nagpakita ang mga mag-aaral ng pag-arte at pag-sayaw ng Natutulog Ba ang Diyos? sa pamumuno ni Bb. Rubio. Ang mga mag-aaral naman ng Ikalimang Baitang ay nagpamalas ng talent sa Interpretative Dance ( Ako ay Pilipino ), sa pamumuno ni Bb. Brul.

Para naman sa huling presentasyon, nag-mula sa Pre-Elementarya, sumayaw ang mga bata ng Mamang Pipit, sa pagtuturo ni Gng. Rea.

Sa pinaka-huling presentasyon ang mga kaguruan at piling mag-aaral ay sumayaw ng “Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas”. Bilang pagtatapos ng programa nagbigay ng mensahe si Bb. Ofelia C. Agapay, punungguro ng paaralan.

Masayang-masaya ang lahat lalung lalo na ang mga magulang ng Saint John Bosco.

Health Is Wealth: Nutrition Month 2017

Health is wealth” is a very famous saying that has huge and significant meaning in a human’s life. That’s why, human body can’t function properly without proper diet and literally can’t be productive in all aspects of life. Nutrition Month is being celebrated annually and this is spearheaded by the Government. For 2017, the Department of Education (DepEd), in its memorandum No. 106 dated June 5, 2017, in collaboration with the National Nutrition Council enjoins all schools to celebrate July as Nutrition Month, using the theme: Healthy Diet, Gawing Habit – for Life! For this year, Nutrition Month’s celebration had the following goals: 

        – to promote the consumption of healthier foods and discourage the eating of unhealthy foods;

         – to encourage the families and individuals to eat a balanced diet with a variety of food in the right quantity and maintaining an ideal body weight to reduce obesity and non-communicable diseases;

        – to create awareness among them on making the right choices of food; and

      – to encourage food industry, produces, distributors and farmers and make healthy foods available for all.

In response, the School of Saint John Bosco joined the annual celebration of Nutrition Month in which every Filipino Citizen will be reminded that good health habits and eating right kinds of food are of great importance especially when children nourishment is involved.

The celebration was started by an invocation led by Grade I adviser, Mrs. Madeleiene C. Formeloza. It was followed by a welcome remarks from Ms. Ofelia C. Agapay, the School Principal. The presentation started by Pre-Elem pupils dance with the tune of “Ako’y Laki sa Gatas” under the supervision of Mrs. Ana May A. Rea, followed by Grade III pupils under Ms. Pauline Grace Argana, performed AKROSTIKS and dance number . Next is the kindergarten’s”BONAKID” handled also by Mrs. Rea. Grade II pupils presented a graceful dance”MAKULAY ang BUHAY” under Ms. Carmina A. Montesines. The fifth presentor was the Grade IV student’s who show their acting skills in “Tunay na Magkakaibigan, magkasama sa Pagkain ng Gulay” guided by their adviser, Ms Carryl Joy Rubio, who also served the Master of Ceremony. The sixth presenters are the cute Grade I pupils who dance and sang “Eat my Gulay”, trained and supported by their adviser Mrs. Madeliene C. Formeloza. The last performers were the Grade V students who performed “Ang kahalagahan ng Pagkain ng Masustansiyang Pagkain” under Ms. Mezza Luna Brul.

The audience was also entertained by an intermission number from their respective advisers/ teachers. The selected pupils of Grade I and Grade II performed their special number “Bahay Kubo” and “Leron-Leron Sinta with the Grade III, IV and V students.

Moreover, in the afternoon, the continuation of Nutrition Month Celebration become more successful. Parents and Teachers helped each other to show and prepare different kinds of food, unique, nutrition’s and full of creativity. Each classroom was designed very well.

At the end of the day the awaited part of the program was the awarding of Certificates to the winners.

Cook Fest 2017

1st prize – Grade IV

2nd prize – Grade II

3rd prize – Grade III

4th prize – Grade I

5th prize – Grade V

The Significance of Flores de Mayo/Santacruzan

It is during our Catechism classes (particularly for those who have attended one) that we’ve learned about the basics of our Christian faith, specifically about Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother. The first time I attended a Catechism class was held inside a church and organized by the parish community in a small humble town where I came from. I was about 6  or 7 years old then. It was summer time and the kids were taking their month-long school break, so it was an opportunity for our parish to teach catechism on Saturdays for the entire month of May. Being a pious person, my mother encouraged all of her girls to attend the said catechism class. My older sisters and I were really excited to be included in the said class as we thought there would be a chance for us to play with our friends thereafter.

Apart from learning new things, the said catechism class turned out to be very entertaining and productive particularly during the month of May, as it is also the month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. After class, the catechist would invite us to the garden side of the church called “Mary’s Garden”, where a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary stands. The said statue was quite different because Our Lady wore a crown of flowers. It was the time when the catechist told us about the association of the Blessed Mother with the month of May, that the “May Flowers” symbolizes the Blessed Mother as the Queen of Heavenly Gardens!

My mother was eagerly excited preparing our white dresses and the home-made flower garlands to be placed around our heads and which we will be used during the last day of May, the main event of the celebration. After the Holy Mass, we would carry small baskets with some cut flowers or petals, sprinkling them while walking to the altar, wearing our simple yet decent white dresses, all for Mama Mary. The parishioners would also bring flowers for offering in honor of the Blessed Mother. This is known as “Alay sa Birhen”. Going home, everyone got small brown paper bags filled with goodies distributed by one of the donors, and just like kids we enjoyed opening the bags of candies and cookies. That was the most exciting part of all!

This is the reason why these memories of a humble celebration of “Flores de Mayo” in our home town are still vivid in my mind. There was also a Santacruzan celebration but the highlight of the event was the beautiful image of the Blessed Mother placed in a decorated carriage accompanied by the family of the Hermana Mayor and other Marian organizations and with the parishioners singing related Marian songs.

Throughout the decades however, the Flores de Mayo/Santacruzan festivity continues to evolve. In these modern times, there have been major transformation in the celebration of Flores de Mayo. Nowadays, the focus appeared to be more geared towards the “Santacruzan” celebration which is the parade of beautiful ladies or the so-called “Sagalas” emulating the real “Queens” of medieval times wearing their elegant expensive costumes and with good-looking men escorting them. Seemingly, the main highlight of the event is no longer the Holy Mass and the flower offering but the parade of good looking men, women or even gay people, as if people are watching a beauty pageant! As a matter of fact, large government and private offices as well as commercial/mall establishments are organizing similar events and would even invite famous celebrities and beauty queens to elicit more crowd for commercial and tourism purposes. It has also been observed that some people would go to church not necessarily to attend related religious activities (Holy Mass, Recitation of the Holy Rosary, etc.) but to watch the parade and take photos of the beautiful participants for their social media accounts, downplaying the real essence of the Flores de Mayo, the main focus of which is the Blessed Mother. In fact, some spectators start to disperse after watching the participants of “Santacruzan”, forgetting that the carroza (or carriage) of the Blessed Mother is usually at the tail end of the procession.

We would understand if there are calls from the Church reminding its parishioners to be mindful of the original intent of the Flores de Mayo festivity and for them to maintain “sacredness and dignity” during the said celebration. We are advised to celebrate the Flores de Mayo/Santacruzan “in a simple manner”, excluding the “worldly considerations”, and “extravagance and style”. The clergy emphasized that “everyone is welcome to participate spiritually, regardless of gender or sexual orientation” and “express their love for the Blessed Mother”.

It was further emphasized that the Flores de Mayo and Santacruzan should serve as an opportunity for priests and other parish communities to teach catechism, particularly on the devotion to the Blessed Mother. As such, said external and worldly gestures that would weaken and negatively affect the true essence of these festivities should as much as possible be avoided.

I share the same observations of some of the clergymen and I would like to echo their call for each and every Catholic including priests and other religious to “reorient” the said events to their primary goal: That these events have religious roots specifically to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary and that the said religious significance should not be influenced by the world of consumerism, modern ideologies, and non-religious subjects.

While there is nothing wrong with having fun and merriment during the May festivities, what is more important is for us to bear in mind that the center of Flores de Mayo and Santacruzan is the Blessed Mother and that should not be taken for granted.

This year, Jacinta (10) and Francisco (11), the kids who witnessed the apparition of the Blessed Mother, known as Our Lady of Fatima will be canonized as saints this year by Pope Francis.


They will be the youngest saints ever in the history of the Catholic church. Our Lady asked these young kids to recite the Rosary daily and to make sacrifices, offering them for the conversion of sinners. Despite their being young, these children offered some sacrifices to Our Lady such as giving their lunch to beggars and some mortification.

I hope and pray that our fruitful participation in the said celebrations will help develop our spiritual growth, specifically our real interior devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary who is the model of our Catholic faith and charity and enhance our genuine help to poor and disadvantaged neighbors. Amen.

Happy Mary’s month to all!  Let’s take time to pray the Holy Rosary.

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SSJB 16th FOUNDATION DAY-Jan. 30-31, 2017

The School of Saint John Bosco (SSJB), its faculty and students will hold a series of activities to commemorate the School’s 16th Foundation Day.

RUN, JUMP, SHOUT BUT DO NOT SIN!  What a way to shout for joy for the celebration while at the same time reminding everyone to follow God’s commandments!

The Block Rosary


The month of October is a good time to commit praying the Rosary every day. The Rosary will bring great peace and holiness to our lives. It is the best way of honoring Mama Mary.

The Block Rosary is a devotion wherein an image or statue of the blessed Virgin Mary visits the home of each family near the school vicinity. It encourages them to pray the Holy Rosary everyday not only for their own intentions but also for the whole community.

As a veneration and showing respect and love to Virgin Mary, the School of Saint John Bosco conducted a “Block Rosary” in Brgy. Calumpang, Liliw, Laguna headed by our School Principal, Ms. Ofelia C. Agapay and Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Lolita Paz Villanueva with the teachers and pupils. The Block Rosary started on October 7 and ended on October 27, 2016.


Home owners and parents of our pupils were very proud to see their children praying the Holy Rosary.



The Living Rosary


During the month of October, the School of Saint John Bosco celebrates Marian Month. As Catholic school and a devotee of our Blessed Mother Mary, the school emphasizes the importance of praying the Holy Rosary everyday especially to the young ones.


Last October 28, 2016, the school celebrated Marian Month with several activities like “ Living Rosary” which were participated by the pupils, parents, faculty and staff . It was done by praying the Holy Rosary, each bead being represented by a pupil holding a balloon to form a human rosary. After reciting the rosary, everyone cheered as balloons (with the students’ written wishes and messages on it) rose swiftly into the sky.

The event showed the love of the Bosconians to our beloved Mama Mary, teaching and reminding everyone to live in holiness like the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Prepared by;

Ms. Rizzi V. Rubian


English Week Celebration



Every year, the School of Saint John Bosco celebrates English week.

This year, it was celebrated on September 30, 2016 at exactly 9:00 AM. The program started with the opening prayer led by Ms. Rizzi Rubian, the adviser of Grade III students, followed by the National Anthem. The Master of Ceremony, Mrs. Jenalyn A. Abadilla gave a short introduction about the program before she introduced Ms. Ofelia C. Agapay, the principal of SSJB who delivered the opening remarks. After the meaningful message, each grade level showed their performances.


The following were the presentations made by the Bosconians together with their advisers: Pre – Elementary and Kindergarten, Dance number under Mrs. Ana May Rea, Grade I – Poem and Dance with Ms. Pauline Grace Argana, Grade II – Dialogue under the supervision of Mrs. Jenalyn A. Abadilla, Grade III – Story Telling with Ms. Rizzi Rubian, Grade IV – Monologue under the training of Ms. Jicelle Capistrano and Grade VI – Oration under the supervision of Mr. Ronnel S. Rea. englishweek1116

Once again and as shown in their specific performances, the Bosconians of Calumpang proved that they are very good not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities. This program would not be a successful one without the support of all the parents who spent time in this celebration.

The program ended with the closing remarks by Mr. Ronnel S. Rea.


Buwan ng Wika


Ang Buwan ng Wika ay isang pagdiriwang sa Pilipinas na ginaganap tuwing buwan ng Agosto. Kadalasang ipinagdiriwang ang Buwan ng Wika sa mga paaralan. Kaugnay nito, maraming mga kaganapan ang ginawa upang ipagdiwang ito, gaya ng sabayang pagbigkas, balagtasan, paggawa ng “slogan”, pagsulat ng mga sanaysay, pagbigkas ng tula, pagindak ng mga katutubong sayaw at pagkanta ng mga katutubong awit.

Noong Agosto 26, 2016, ang School of Saint John Bosco ay nakiisa sa buong bansa sa pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wika na may temang “Filipino: Wika ng Karunungan”. Isang paraan ng pagdiriwang ng ating paaralan ang taunang Patimpalak Pangkultura na nilahukan ng ating mga pili at katangi-tanging mag-aaral mula Preparatory hanggang ika-anim na baitang. Sila ay buong husay na nagpakita ng kanilang mga natatanging kakayahan at kaalaman.

Ang mga mag-aaral sa Preparatory at Kinder ay nagpakita ng isang sayaw na pinamagatang Mamang Sorbetero. Sa unang baitang sila naman ay nagpakita ng isang awit: Ako’y Isang Pinoy. Ang mga mag-aaral sa ikalawang baitang ay nagpakita naman ng isang tula: Wikang Pinoy. Akrostik tungkol sa Buwan ng Wika naman ang sa ikatlong baitang. Isang Interpretative dance, Ako’y Pilipino ang ipinakita ng ika-apat na baitang. Para sa pangwakas na presentasyon. Isang sayaw naman ang ipinakita ng ika-anim na baitang na pinamagatang Paru-Parong Bukid. Kitang-kita sa mga mata ng mga bata, mga guro, at mga magulang ang kasiyahang dulot ng nabanggit na programa.



Nutrition Month Celebration


July is dubbed as Nutrition Month Celebration. Almost all private and government agencies support the Philippine government project/program on Nutrition Month celebration.

As a gesture of showing our support to the government program, the School of Saint John Bosco conducted a School-Based Nutrition Month Program last July 28, 2016 with the theme “ First 1000 days ni Baby Pahalagahan para sa Malusog na Kinabukasan.”

The program started with a short prayer by Ms. Rizzi V. Rubian a Grade III teacher followed by opening remarks by Ms. Ofelia C. Agapay, the school Principal.

Pupils from the Pre-Elementary to Grade VI displayed their talents, as follows:

Pre-Elementary – Exercise ( head, shoulder, knees and toes )

Grade I – Dance ( Bahay Kubo )

Grade II – Acrostic

Grade III – Poem ( Ang Batang Malusog )

Grade IV – Wellness Dance

Grade VI – Poem

Parents and teachers were very happy to see their children performing their specified numbers.

Prepared by:

Mrs. Ana May A. Rea


Cosplay and Christmas Party


Over the years, young boys and girls have been getting into the fun of dressing up just like pop-icons, their favorite super heroes, fairy tale characters and the like at cosplay events show or even during holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. The word “Cosplay” is actually a contraction of the words “costume” and “play” which basically emanated from Japan and is a growing and appealing hobby to young generations these days.

The School of Saint John Bosco conducted a “Cosplay Competition” for the school year 2015– 2016, the first time ever in SSJB’s history of extracurricular activities. With the approval of the parents council, the school decided that this event be a “fund raising project” intended for the repainting of the school building.


The Cosplay Competition (together with the SSJB’s Christmas party) held last December 15, 2015 at the School’s Gymnasium was participated by all the students of the School of Saint John Bosco. Each participant sold tickets and the one who raised the highest amount was proclaimed the “Best Cosplayer 2015”.

At exactly 9:00 o’ clock in the morning, the program started with an opening remarks of the School Administrator, Mrs. Ma. Rhodora S. Articona, followed by a production number of all the participants. The participants looked proud and happy with their best costumes on.



The Board of Judges headed by Mrs. Ma. Rhodora S. Articona with her members Ms. Ofelia C. Agapay and Mrs. Lolita Paz E. Villanueva carefully chose the right winners for different categories.

As the program continued, participants strutted on stage and introduced the character he/she portrayed. The excitement was seen in their eyes and even their parents were so happy and proud to see their children on stage. The event was filled with joy and amazement because of the stunning costumes worn by all the participants.

At the end of the program, the school administrator, Mrs. Ma. Rhodora S. Articona announced the top five participants who won in the “Money Contest” category. The following were awarded with sash trophies and gifts.

Male Female

Mr. and Ms. Cosplayer Gian Kristoff N. Dytioco Yoden Htineza O. Gutierrez

1st Runner Up Sean Michael D. Evangelista Mary Ellaine B. Solmoro

2nd Runner Up John Gerald G. Abrenica Maria Alexandra A. Brosas

3rd Runner Up Carlos Sebastien C. Jovellano Rhian Ashley Maliglig

4th Runner Up Leigh Nash C. Soriano Mary Angela O. De Guzman

The second part of the competition was the search for the “Best in Costume”. The following winners were also awarded with sash, trophies and gifts.

Male Female

Best in Costume Carlos Sebastien C. Jovellano Yoden Htineza O. Gutierrez

1st Runner Up Leigh Nash C. Soriano Mary Ellaine B. Solmoro

2nd Runner Up Gian Kristoff N. Dytioco Mary Angela O. De Guzman

3rd Runner Up Tristan John G. Abrenica Persephone Caleiope V. Ramos

4th Runner Up John Carlos Rubian Cloyd Marie B. Solmerano



A simple Christmas Party took place after the competition and each grade level presented their Christmas presentation such as interpretative dance, acrostic and choral rendition. There were games participated by the children and parents under the leadership of the School Principal, Ms. Ofelia C. Agapay.


The Christmas party was very successful, everyone was happy because there were lots of prizes and raffle gifts for both parents and students.  Everyone was grateful for the joint efforts of the School Principal, Guidance Counselor, Faculty and Staff, the School Administrator, and the parents as well.