From the Desk of The School Administrator

Dear SSJB Principal, Teachers, Parents, Students, Benefactors, and Friends,

Few days ago,  we have opened classes and implemented the new normal way of educating our students, in response to Department of Education’s (DepEd’s) directive and  I take this opportunity to greet and thank the teachers, parents and students of the School for their support and cooperation despite the COVID-19 pandemic.   Few months from now,  we will be commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, which is a merry celebration for all of us.

It only seemed a short time ago when the School of Saint John Bosco (SSJB) was established by our loving Founder, the late Rev. Fr. Dominic Curto or “Fr. Lolo” to most of us. When Fr. Dominic instituted the School, one simple goal was to serve the local community and its neighboring barangays with quality education laden with Christian values, inspired by the works of St. John Bosco.

I just realized that SSJB has been here with us for more than a decade despite the odds. SSJB was able to withstand the trying times; we were completely dependent on God’s blessings. Our resources most often become depleted but generous and kind-hearted people are always there to rescue us. Their support and love give us strength and this motivates us to go on. Thank you to our volunteers, school staff, parents, donors and friends for the beautiful and meaningful gifts you have shared with us through the years. Your generous help indeed made a difference to so many young lives.

There is still much work to be done to help our School and the possibilities are endless. If you wish to lend a hand, please feel free to connect with us. I invite the alumni of SSJB to join us in our cause, in your own little way. Please do not hesitate to share your ideas. We understand if you are unable to help due to certain circumstances, however receiving a “letter” or “good word” for your Alma Mater would be greatly appreciated!

If SSJB would seem more visible and pro-active in its efforts looking for financial assistance from generous individuals here and abroad, it is because our website ( done and managed by professionals who are willing to share their time and talent for the good cause of the School makes it more warm, inviting and lively! Our website shows you not only the School’s latest updates but it also gives you the opportunity to see our wishlist items and the donate button is just a click away too!

This coming holidays will give us time to focus and reflect on the wonders of Christmas season. But things have changed so fast with the pandemic still hovering around us, we need to start to think of other people’s concerns. We want to share what we have, including our time and our skills taking into account God’s teachings.

To the Academic and Admin Staff, students, parents, benefactors, I hope you will all continue to be the hope and beacon of SSJB.

Once again, I wish and pray for peace and healing of our land, of all of us.  May our dear Lord bless us all and always.   May St. John Bosco continue to inspire us to help and love others in need. May Mary Help of Christians intercede in behalf of our prayers. May God grant us the necessary graces we need.  Amen.