Health Is Wealth: Nutrition Month 2017

Health is wealth” is a very famous saying that has huge and significant meaning in a human’s life. That’s why, human body can’t function properly without proper diet and literally can’t be productive in all aspects of life. Nutrition Month is being celebrated annually and this is spearheaded by the Government. For 2017, the Department of Education (DepEd), in its memorandum No. 106 dated June 5, 2017, in collaboration with the National Nutrition Council enjoins all schools to celebrate July as Nutrition Month, using the theme: Healthy Diet, Gawing Habit – for Life! For this year, Nutrition Month’s celebration had the following goals: 

        – to promote the consumption of healthier foods and discourage the eating of unhealthy foods;

         – to encourage the families and individuals to eat a balanced diet with a variety of food in the right quantity and maintaining an ideal body weight to reduce obesity and non-communicable diseases;

        – to create awareness among them on making the right choices of food; and

      – to encourage food industry, produces, distributors and farmers and make healthy foods available for all.

In response, the School of Saint John Bosco joined the annual celebration of Nutrition Month in which every Filipino Citizen will be reminded that good health habits and eating right kinds of food are of great importance especially when children nourishment is involved.

The celebration was started by an invocation led by Grade I adviser, Mrs. Madeleiene C. Formeloza. It was followed by a welcome remarks from Ms. Ofelia C. Agapay, the School Principal. The presentation started by Pre-Elem pupils dance with the tune of “Ako’y Laki sa Gatas” under the supervision of Mrs. Ana May A. Rea, followed by Grade III pupils under Ms. Pauline Grace Argana, performed AKROSTIKS and dance number . Next is the kindergarten’s”BONAKID” handled also by Mrs. Rea. Grade II pupils presented a graceful dance”MAKULAY ang BUHAY” under Ms. Carmina A. Montesines. The fifth presentor was the Grade IV student’s who show their acting skills in “Tunay na Magkakaibigan, magkasama sa Pagkain ng Gulay” guided by their adviser, Ms Carryl Joy Rubio, who also served the Master of Ceremony. The sixth presenters are the cute Grade I pupils who dance and sang “Eat my Gulay”, trained and supported by their adviser Mrs. Madeliene C. Formeloza. The last performers were the Grade V students who performed “Ang kahalagahan ng Pagkain ng Masustansiyang Pagkain” under Ms. Mezza Luna Brul.

The audience was also entertained by an intermission number from their respective advisers/ teachers. The selected pupils of Grade I and Grade II performed their special number “Bahay Kubo” and “Leron-Leron Sinta with the Grade III, IV and V students.

Moreover, in the afternoon, the continuation of Nutrition Month Celebration become more successful. Parents and Teachers helped each other to show and prepare different kinds of food, unique, nutrition’s and full of creativity. Each classroom was designed very well.

At the end of the day the awaited part of the program was the awarding of Certificates to the winners.

Cook Fest 2017

1st prize – Grade IV

2nd prize – Grade II

3rd prize – Grade III

4th prize – Grade I

5th prize – Grade V