• 1990:
  • Through the initiatives of Mrs. Ma. Rhodora Articona, the Salesian missionary priest of Sta Cruz, Laguna, Rev. Fr. Dominic A. Curto (SDB) established a kindergarten class to help the children of Calumpang, Liliw, Laguna and nearby places attain a Catholic education without having to go to the Immaculate Conception Catholic school located in Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Since there was no building yet, the school held its classes at the chapel.
  • 1991:
  • Driven by the will to promote Catholic education and help the children of Calumpang, Fr. Curto started soliciting donations abroad, and successfully obtained the support of the German government to donate a generous cash amount, which was later used to establish a four-storey building for the school.
  • 1992 – Present:
  • The establishment of the school building greatly improved the school’s capacity to accept more students and paved the way for the opening of the school to elementary and high school levels.From 1992 to 2001 the school essentially served as an extension of the Sta. Cruz-based Immaculate Conception Catholic school. As such, it was known as Immaculate Conception Catholic Annex.
  • As the school gradually grew into a bigger institution and proved to be capable of sustaining itself financially, administratively and operationally, Fr. Curto and the Sta. Cruz-based Immaculate Conception Catholic school agreed to turnover the operations of the school to Mrs. Articona, who had been instrumental in achieving the school’s successful operations, self-sufficiency and sustained growth.
  • With permission from Fr. Curto, the school was renamed as School of Saint John Bosco in honor of the great Saint John Bosco. Since then the school has been officially accredited by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports as an independent educational entity bearing the name School of Saint John Bosco.
  • From the humble beginnings initiated by Fr. Curto, the Salesians missionary priests, Mrs. Articona and the Calumpang community, the school has continued to grow into a great source of light for spreading Catholic education that focuses on moral values formation, academic excellence and social responsibility.
  • At present, the school provides preparatory, kindergarten, and full time elementary and high school courses to students coming from Calumpang and nearby places.

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