Marian Exhibit

By: Ronnel S. Rea: Grade IV Adviser

The MARIAN Exhibit is one of the important celebrations at the School of Saint John Bosco. The purpose of this Marian Exhibit is not only to show the different beautiful images, statues and the many wonderful “titles” of the Blessed Virgin Mary (“Mama Mary” as we fondly call her) but to educate the community about her life and how she continues to touch and inspire our lives.

Mama Mary’s worldwide apparitions and messages only reminds us that she is always there to help in accomplishing our duties being followers of Christ, that is to love God and love our neighbors especially those in dire need. She is there to lead us closer to Jesus. She plays a vital role in our spiritual journey and in our Christian faith. Our Mother, being the model of faith, of hope and of love, is challenging us to emulate her life with simplicity and humility.

Pope Francis once said, “Let us ask Our Lady to teach us how to live our faith in our daily lives and make room for the Lord”. Just like a mother to her son, our Blessed Mother embraces all people with her motherly love and care. She wants us to love God and to spare some of our time for Him through good works and other means and for us to stay away from sin.

Our beloved patron saint himself, Saint John Bosco had a strong love and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Blessed Mother guided St. John Bosco in his work mission particularly in the “Apostolate of the Young”, specifically in educating the street children, and other disadvantaged youth.

As in the past years, the School of Saint John Bosco continuously been informing on and propagating the devotion to the Blessed Mother by having Marian Exhibit. Last October 20- 24, 2014, the teachers and staff had been very busy in the preparation of the said event with the supervision of their beloved Principal, Ms. Ofelia C. Agapay and their hardworking Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Lolita Paz Villanueva.  A Holy Mass and a Holy Rosary were held with the statues and images of Mama Mary around.   The said beautiful statues were provided by the teachers and parents, and some of these even came from Liliw, Laguna  borrowed by our Principal.


The success of the Marian Exhibit provided a sense of fulfillment and happiness in everyone’s heart.

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