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English Week Celebration



Every year, the School of Saint John Bosco celebrates English week.

This year, it was celebrated on September 30, 2016 at exactly 9:00 AM. The program started with the opening prayer led by Ms. Rizzi Rubian, the adviser of Grade III students, followed by the National Anthem. The Master of Ceremony, Mrs. Jenalyn A. Abadilla gave a short introduction about the program before she introduced Ms. Ofelia C. Agapay, the principal of SSJB who delivered the opening remarks. After the meaningful message, each grade level showed their performances.


The following were the presentations made by the Bosconians together with their advisers: Pre – Elementary and Kindergarten, Dance number under Mrs. Ana May Rea, Grade I – Poem and Dance with Ms. Pauline Grace Argana, Grade II – Dialogue under the supervision of Mrs. Jenalyn A. Abadilla, Grade III – Story Telling with Ms. Rizzi Rubian, Grade IV – Monologue under the training of Ms. Jicelle Capistrano and Grade VI – Oration under the supervision of Mr. Ronnel S. Rea. englishweek1116

Once again and as shown in their specific performances, the Bosconians of Calumpang proved that they are very good not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities. This program would not be a successful one without the support of all the parents who spent time in this celebration.

The program ended with the closing remarks by Mr. Ronnel S. Rea.


Achieving One Of Their Dreams: 2014 Memorable Graduation Highlights

“Learning is superior to beauty; learning is better than hidden treasure; learning is a companion on a  journey to a strange country, learning is strength in exhaustible.”
– Hindu Writing –

Truly a dream is not impossible if it is just within our reach, if coupled with love for studying, ability and perseverance and no matter how difficult or lengthy it may prove to be. Indeed, dreams can be achieved and the fruits of labor can be reaped if there is courage to pursue them.

​Life is like a wheel. There are times we face challenges and difficulties but then we can re-balance our “wheels” to regain resilience so as to withstand life’s many hardships, and be victorious in the end.

Graduation Day is a defining moment that marks the transition from one stage to another. This is one of the exciting moments in our lives, it is certainly an achievement, an achievement that opens up new opportunities to grow, learn more and be successful in the long run.

For SSJB 2014 graduates, particularly the high school graduating class,  bidding farewell to their teachers, classmates and most of all their Alma Mater, was a surreal moment. They couldn’t believe the big graduation day has finally come, it seemed just like yesterday when they were having difficulties in their studies and at the same time enjoying frolicking under the sun and playing within the SSJB’s premises. As such, for all of the graduates, it was a day of mixed emotions, the day which they have all waited for, the day their parents have been hoping for and the day they’re teachers have been praying for.

The commencement ceremony started with a Doxology and the Philippine National Anthem performed by selected talented Bosconians, followed by the graduation song of the 2014 SSJB Graduates. The two (2) Master of Ceremonies from the Third Year High School Class, namely; Carmela B. Joya and Krizza Mae T. Agustin did their best to make the event a memorable one.

The guest speaker, Ms. Gloria F. Juntayas who was introduced by the School’s Principal, Ms. Ofelia C. Agapay, delivered an inspirational message which struck everyone’s heart. Her message centered on how hard work and determination had set her on a path of success and achieve her dreams, which motivated everyone to strive hard for their goals. SSJB’s School Administrator, Mrs. Ma. Rhodora S. Articona,  likewise delivered her inspirational speech addressed to both the graduates and their parents, emphasizing on the importance of education, particularly an education with value formation.

The main highlights of the graduation ceremony was the awarding of graduation certificates and the conferment of academic excellence for the honor students. Everyone showed mixed emotions during this time, including the parents who were very proud of their kids achievements, realizing that their hardships and sacrifices have really paid off.   Mrs. Ma. Rhodora S. Articona, administered the confirmation of the graduates, followed by the awarding of graduation and honor certificates led by the School Administrator herself and assisted by the principal, guest speaker and teachers.

After the awarding of certificates, the honor students from all levels, that is from Preparatory to High School, gave their inspirational messages. The First Honors from Pre-Elementary, Cloyd Marie B. Solmerano gave a “Kiddie Remark” , surprising the audience of how brilliant it was. An emotional graduation message ensued from Nino Raphael Rubian, Second Honors from the Elementary Grade, which touched everyone’s heart.

The Valedictory and Salutatory and Addresses were delivered by Abegail C. De Chavez and Ena Beatrix S. Sarapat, respectively. Both messages were meaningful that the audience were greatly moved by it.

In between speeches of the honor students, there were special intermission number presentations by the talented Pre-Elementary pupils (under the guidance of their adviser Ms. Ana May C. Agarin) and by the Grade VI and Fourth Year students. Everyone enjoyed watching the talented kids performance to the surprise and delight of the audience. As they say, there is indeed “more fun in SSJB”.

The recitation of the Bosconian Credo was led by Aeron M. Dorado, Third honors from Elementary while the Pledge of Loyalty was led by Ian Dexter B. Almario, adviser of the Elementary Department.

Last but not the least was the singing of the closing hymn which sparked the hearts of the graduates. Some of them were in  the brink of tears because of the sad feeling that it could be their last moments together in their Alma Mater. However,  there were  also “tears of joy”, a feeling of happiness because they have been able to accomplish one goal. They are fully aware that it is not the end of their journey yet, but another path of challenge waiting for them, a path that will expand their horizons, a higher level of learning that will lead them to a brighter future and ultimately will allow them to achieve their dreams and be included in the roster of successful“Boscnonians” someday.

To the graduates of 2014, we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors! Congratulations!