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The Living Rosary


During the month of October, the School of Saint John Bosco celebrates Marian Month. As Catholic school and a devotee of our Blessed Mother Mary, the school emphasizes the importance of praying the Holy Rosary everyday especially to the young ones.


Last October 28, 2016, the school celebrated Marian Month with several activities like “ Living Rosary” which were participated by the pupils, parents, faculty and staff . It was done by praying the Holy Rosary, each bead being represented by a pupil holding a balloon to form a human rosary. After reciting the rosary, everyone cheered as balloons (with the students’ written wishes and messages on it) rose swiftly into the sky.

The event showed the love of the Bosconians to our beloved Mama Mary, teaching and reminding everyone to live in holiness like the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Prepared by;

Ms. Rizzi V. Rubian