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The Block Rosary


The month of October is a good time to commit praying the Rosary every day. The Rosary will bring great peace and holiness to our lives. It is the best way of honoring Mama Mary.

The Block Rosary is a devotion wherein an image or statue of the blessed Virgin Mary visits the home of each family near the school vicinity. It encourages them to pray the Holy Rosary everyday not only for their own intentions but also for the whole community.

As a veneration and showing respect and love to Virgin Mary, the School of Saint John Bosco conducted a “Block Rosary” in Brgy. Calumpang, Liliw, Laguna headed by our School Principal, Ms. Ofelia C. Agapay and Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Lolita Paz Villanueva with the teachers and pupils. The Block Rosary started on October 7 and ended on October 27, 2016.


Home owners and parents of our pupils were very proud to see their children praying the Holy Rosary.



The Living Rosary


During the month of October, the School of Saint John Bosco celebrates Marian Month. As Catholic school and a devotee of our Blessed Mother Mary, the school emphasizes the importance of praying the Holy Rosary everyday especially to the young ones.


Last October 28, 2016, the school celebrated Marian Month with several activities like “ Living Rosary” which were participated by the pupils, parents, faculty and staff . It was done by praying the Holy Rosary, each bead being represented by a pupil holding a balloon to form a human rosary. After reciting the rosary, everyone cheered as balloons (with the students’ written wishes and messages on it) rose swiftly into the sky.

The event showed the love of the Bosconians to our beloved Mama Mary, teaching and reminding everyone to live in holiness like the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Prepared by;

Ms. Rizzi V. Rubian


Pieta “Sarsuela” (Zarzuela): The Blessed Mother’s Love To His Son

By:Jason V. Ugat
Grade V, Adviser

The Pieta is a subject of Christian art depicting Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus Christ, most often found in sculpture, one of which is done by the famous artist Michelangelo which is currently housed in St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

The Pieta features the maternal love and reverence of the Blessed Virgin to her Son, grasping the tortured body of Jesus Christ.

In the Philippines, the life and death of Jesus Christ is being commemorated in many ways. At SSJB, the School Administration decided to present a play  via the Pieta Sarsuela, highlighting Jesus body being cradled by His distraught Mother Mary after His death.

The Pieta Sarsuela  emphasizes the importance and the vital role played by the Blessed Virgin Mary in Jesus’ life, from the time the Archangel St. Gabriel announced to her that she will be the mother of the Son of God who will be the Savior of mankind,  up to His death. The Sarsuela at SSJB was participated by both the teachers as well as the students.

The Pieta Sarsuela is a beautiful art fom, a theatrical spectacle with a combination of songs and dances, but pantominical in action.




Distributed by : School of Saint John Bosco
Calumpang, Liliw, Laguna, Philippines
Written & Directed by : Mr. Jayson Vargas Ugat
Produced by : Mr. Jayson V. Ugat & Mr. Ronnel S. Rea
Characters : Mr. Jayson V. Ugat
Ms. Laureen Buendia
Ms. Rizzi Rubian
Ms. Norlyn Brosas
Mrs. Jeneth Barba
Ms. Ana May Agarin

Angels : Elishabelle Orillaza
Kian Robert Sotosanchez
Kyllie Venice Violanata
Daniel Ysabelle Urrea
Sean Michael Evangelista
Joaquin Glorioso
Heather Marie Brosas
Princess Miaca Aklesha de Chavez
Kyller Vince Violanta

Taumbayan/ Angels : Cloyd Marie Solmerano
Matt Belwin Veloso
Leigh Nash soriano
Mary Angela De Guzman

Taumbayan (Crowd) : Carl Eric Asegurado
Joshua Canete
Nicolas Khine Natanauan
Tristan John Abrenica
Albert Zian Laboriante
Hanz Jeremy Remoblas
Kylle Aron Violanta
Merryle Brosas
Reymond Idian
Cedric Angelo Ordoňez
Gian Angelo Ordoňez
Gian Parco
Shine Bless Buenconsejo
Job Deiniel Ramos
Christian Angelo Ordoňez
Anthony Joaquin Sarapat
Gladys Articona
Asha Zhuxien Laboriante

Singer/ Taumbayan : Jackie Mae Veridiano

Soldiers : Hacky Josh Garcia
John Carlos Rubian
Syd Lorenzo Vasallo

Singers : Emjay Milton Tuala – Joseph
Ms. Norlyn Brosas – Elizabeth

Mananayaw (Dancers: Carmela Joya

Maria Cleopas

Krizza Mae Agustin

Mrs. Jeneth Barba – Maria Magdalena

Pariseo (Pharisees) : Steven Juer Gacu
John Kervin Evangelista – Mananayaw
Limuel Gabrielle Montaňa
Three Kings : Pariz Brosas
Charles Voncent Montaňa
Richmond Almario
Mananayaw/ Juan : Howell Suilan
Munting Maria : Percephone Caleiopie Ramos
Mia Ashanti Gonzaga
Samanthe Claire Vasallo
Munting Hesus : Christian Jairo Dava
Dave Zyrus Ortiz
Mark Reinster Montaňa
Bidang Maria : Ms. Rizzi Rubian
Bidang Hesus : Dan Lawrence B. Poon
Sounds/ Lights : Ms. Chrry Rose O. Javier
Choreography/ Props & Costumes/ Singer/St. Anne: Ms. Ana May Agarin
Singer/ Tagapagsalaysay: Mr. Ronnel S. Rea
Singer/ MC/ Floor Manager: Ms. Laureen Buendia
Writer/ Floor Manager/ Gabriel/ Director: Mr. Jayson V. Ugat
Special Thanks : Voice of Renzo Dela Cruz
Musika mula sa Elim Music
Music by : Elim Music
Music Editor : Ms. Cherry Rose O. Javier
Country : Philippines
Language : Tagalog
Release Date : October 28, 2014
Running Time : One Hour
Edited by : Ms. Ofelia C. Agapay