Teaching and Helping Kids Eat Right: Proper Nutrition

By Norlin V. Brosas : Grade Two Adviser

Anywhere in the world, it has been observed that every Goverment supports the celebration of Nutrition Month as an awareness campaign for their respective citizens especially to young kids in school placing emphasis on nutrition education coupled with physical activity which are vital to one’s growth.

In the Philippines, one of the objectives of the National Nutrition Council which is under the supervision of the Department of Health is to promote good nutrition at school by encouraging students to consume more fruits and vegetables and helping establish lifelong heathy eating habits to improve their health.

At the School of Saint John Bosco, Nutrition Month is consistently being celebrated each year. For 2014. the celebration took place at the School’s Assembly Hall and was participated by the Primary and Secondary level students with the supervision and guidance of their respective advisers.

Prior to the main competition activity, Bosconians with special talents in singing, reciting poems, drama and dancing showed the audience their skills. Part of the program was an inspirational talk from our prinicipal, Ms. Ofelia C. Agapay who emphasized on the importance of good nutrition, that eating the right kind of food  with exercise and enough sleep and rest are part of a well-rounded student education even in cases of natural calamities, the message of which was in line with our nutrition theme this year, entitled: : “KALAMIDAD PAGHANDAAN GUTOM AT MALNUTRISYON AY AGAPAN”.

Included in the celebration was a cooking festival (cookfest) participated by the students with their parents from Grade II up to Fourth Year High School which were divided into three groups. It started at 1:00 o’ clock in the afternoon.  Everybody had been busy preparing and cooking affordable but nutritious foods under the supervision of their respective teachers. They also set the table properly.


After 2 hours of food preparation,  the Board of Judges visited and rated the menu presented by the different groups.

The competition was too tight, but fortunately the Grade IV and V pupils with their parents headed by the multi – talented teachers, Mr. Jayson V. Ugat and Mr. Ronnel S. Rea garnered the First Place. Their menu were Vegetable Triangle and Carrot Jigler. The second place was obtained by the pupils and parents from Grade II and III under Mrs. Norlyn V. Brosas and Ms. Rizzi Rubian while students and parents from Grade VI and Fourth Year won the 3rd place under the advisorship of Ms. Ana May C. Agarin and Ms. Cherry Rose O. Javier.

Our Nutrition Celebration was very enjoyable and fruitful. The concerted effort of the students, teachers and the parents themselves made the day more meaningful as both teachers and the parents serve as models on how a child’s well-being should be.


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